In the fall of 2015 I was approached by David Bowie's digital marketing team and asked to write a short film project for his yet to be announced album  (pronounced "Blackstar"). The result was an experimental form of storytelling titled UNBOUND.

 "Once an open cluster of stars has become gravitationally UNBOUND the constituent stars will continue to move on similar paths through space. The group is then known as a stellar association.”

UNBOUND is a music video project that tells the story of an artist and the muses of the imagination. Through a fresh and unique format the audience is taken on a journey of evocative images inspired by the mood of the album and the accompanying album art. This approach treats the album as if it were a collection of stories with each episode serving as a glimpse inside the created fictional world of the track. This concept is driven by a focus on a visual interpretation of the musicality as opposed to a literal interpretation of the lyrics. 

The film project, completed before David Bowie's passing, premiered on Bowie's Official Instagram page February 25th and aired episodically for 16 installments.

For more information visit the official website of UNBOUND.